Blocked Drains Plumstead

blocked drains plumstead

Blocked Drains Plumstead Unblocked at Set Prices.


Blocking Drains, Capital Drainage is a highly recognised drainage company based in Plumstead and the surrounding areas. We are fully equipped to come and sort out any blocked drains problem that may occur to your house or business.


When you drainage becomes blocked, and slow Capital Drainage are here to answer the call to your needs. We provide 24 hours, 365 days a year drain repairs and drain unblocking across Plumstead.


Don’t let a blocked drain worry you. We are here to help solve the problem you may be having with your drains. We guarantee we will be about in 2 hours time of your call.

Professional Drain Unblocking Service


When it comes to draining unblocking in Plumstead, we have the highest technology and expertise to deal with different kinds of drainage problems. Fatty build ups, damage to drain lining, and other types of drain blockages. We are the top company when it comes to drain problems.


High-Pressure Water Jetting To Remove the Most Stubborn of Blockages.


When a blockage is not moving after trying our rods, we switch over to the latest method using the newest technology high-pressure water jets. Water jetting machines can remove the most stubborn of build ups and help to clear a blocked drain quick and efficiently restoring flow back to the drains.

CCTV Drain Inspection Before and After Repairs.


When a blockage has been fixed, we then use our CCTV drain survey robot which allows us to take a closer look inside the drain lining. Drain surveys make it possible to check for further blockages or damage done to the sewer walls.


At Capital Drainage Services we always do our best to ensure that we restore your drainage system back to its working self by using all of the latest equipment and technology.


We can carry out drain unblocking, blocked drains and high-pressure water jetting in Plumstead and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today on 07801 932 732, and we will be more than happy to help with your enquiry. Or Email us at

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