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Capital Drainage drainage services have the highest standard equipment. We deliver an outstanding track record for pipe relining, drain lining and drain repairs. All work on drains is carried out by our highly trained technicians with years of knowledge and experience.


Call us on 07801 932 732 24 hours a day for drain relining, lining and repairs in Plumstead. Or send us a quick email at: info@capital-drains.co.uk we are always ready to take your call and help you with any drainage problem.


What is Drain Relining?


Drain relining is the inner side of the drain pipe and sometimes it becomes damaged or cracked. Which can leak waste into the environment or it can collapse completely. We offer a drain relining service in Plumstead which is a good way to repair the drain. Without having to do it the old fashioned way where you would replace the entire drainage system. This works out a lot more cost effective with hardly any disruption to your home or environment.


How do we repair the Drain Lining?


We carry out a CCTV drain survey done by one of our trained technicians. CCTV is used to check for damage or where the blockage is located in the drainage system. Once the technician has found the problem with the drain lining. A technician will then tell you the best solution for dealing with the problem and will provide you with a cost effective quote on the spot.


Drain Relining


When a drain collapses we can still fix the problem, if it hadn’t taken massive damage when it did collapse then we can put the drainage back into alignment and refit this is great as we don’t need to carry out an excavation. Capital Drainage can carry our such tasks when working with drain lining.


Drain Lining Patch Work


If the drain pipes have cracks, then we can fix the problem by patching the lining. By having patch lining done it will repair parts of the pipe and will save money on repair costs.

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